of sunrises and meetings with persons

Got up this morning at 6am to do laundry (I literally am out of clothes to wear... I probably wore everything I brought (besides jeans) at least 4 times), and just generally get my day started before Jim and I have to be at this place to meet up with this guy at 9am.

The sunrise was GORGEOUS. I can't emphasize that enough. It was AMAZING. Yup. It's been decided. I need to get up for it more often.

Rabbit Rabbit :)

Getting up early and the fact that it's the first of the month (hence: rabbit rabbit), reminds me endlessly of YMA. The whole thing. Up early, super tired, kinda sticky from hot air all night, stumbling around, turning music on, kinda a musty smell of the upstairs. Yup. It screams YMA. It's sad that I can't be there this year.... But I'm working on a letter to send them, so hopefully I can get that sent today.

Breakfast, showered, laundry, got ready and went to meet up with this guy at the chamber of commerce. He started telling me a bunch of things about agriculture that I kinda already knew, but he might be able to get me a tour and some other things to do at the ethanol plant! I'm super excited about it! Someone who actually has a potential at getting me in there, lol.

Then he and Jim talked about this FutureGen stuff regarding the algae plan/thing.
FutureGen wikipedia site
FutureGen Industrial Alliance site

The idea is for me to help them with this binder of sorts, working on uhhh, getting some sort of organization on a googlemaps program of sorts, and the idea is that I'd get paid for my work in this. We'll see how it all goes. I'm not planning on really being involved unless I can get paid for it especially with all the work I need to do for the garden to get started in addition to my other homework from my online class.

When we got back, I was ridiculously tired. I think it's from the benadryl I took a few hours previous. Or maybe just the start of slep-debt. Regardless, I decided it couldn't hurt to take like, an hour nap. Three hours later..... (ulgh), I got up, ate lunch, watered the plants, and Jan and I are about to head out to the pool. woohoo.

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