slight change

So the move-in date has been set back some-what. This means I'll either be bumming it out on a couch, the floor or an air mattress for a few days (week, perhaps, more? who knows), or at another relative's house until the official move can take place. I'm actually ok with this. Maybe it's because I'm willing to be flexible about it all, perhaps it's because I really don't have another choice about it, I'm not entirely sure.

Regardless, it means I get to help my relatives and bless them with my God-given strength and can actually and completely be there to help them move their belongings from one house to their new home.


so many uncertainties

At the same time that I'm really excited and looking forward to this whole "Iowa thing" I'm terrified of it.

What is it going to be like? Will I like it? Will I be happy? Will I meet people? Will I like being around new people? Will I like being in a new place? Will I feel trapped? Will I actually get anything accomplished? Will I feel like I am taking too much? Too little? Will I actually get a job? Will I hate the weather? Will I fall in love? Will I love the weather? Will I not want to leave? Will I want to stay for the rest of my life? Will I get to travel? Will I want to? Will I be alone? Will I feel awkward? Will I be afraid? Will I find a church there? Will I get along with my distantly-related family? Will I keep the peace among my relatives? Will I have time for fun reading? Will I be able to stay in contact with friends from Oregon? Will I be able to meet up with any of my friends from Belhaven? Will I stay at home all day during my free time, or will I go out?

I guess really the only thing I can do is trust God completely and know that He already has it completely planned out perfectly. All I can do is pray and trust Him.



I updated my blog template, as you can probably see. Also put up some skype buttons so you can get it and call me from my blog (oh the cleverness of me).

I've been thinking more and more about what I need to take. I'll be there for 10 weeks - 10 WEEKS!!! that's my entire summer. It's the same amount of time as a normal term here at OSU. Ridiculous. But I'm still excited. Still nervous about the whole thing at the same time though...

Will probably include in my packing:
collage and decorations for my walls
running shoes?
fun books
ANS 452 text (potentially for planning needs for the internship side)



Holy crap, I'm going to be in Iowa ALL summer!!!!!

...it's starting to sink in.



Jim posted something on his facebook about intense thunderstorms and fireflies.

I am so stoked.


welcome packet

So I got my welcome packet. I won't lie. I looked for it several times a day. I'm excited, ok?

There's really, actually, not all that much to say about Shenandoah. But also? I'm getting the feeling they call it "Shen" which is adorable, but at the same time I'm afraid to call it that because who knows what the locals call it, lol.

Part of me wonders if this whole experience will be anything like Drew from Elizabethtown. Everyone knows who I am. Or will it be like no one cares and I'm just some random freak from out of town? No idea.

5,000 people and a 24 hour Wal-Mart. I know where I'll be hanging out, haha.

The Official Visitor's Guide to Shenandoah Iowa offers a whole directory to businesses in the area. So excited. Hopefully I'll actually call some of them Thursday. I would say today, but the key personnel are usually in during the morning hours, and it's nearing closing as it's what, 4pm there by now?

I also still need to talk with someone about which church I should be pursuing.

I am  so excited!!!



I'm switching between ultimate stress, fear, and excitement about the whole thing. I can't really do much about much right now in regards to the whole thing. I have a lovely pile of homework to accomplish tonight. Mostly referring to this stupid paper I have to write and an exam that is at 8am tomorrow (did he really post the 2010 key and think he posted the 2009 key??! hmm...).

I'm hoping to try to call some businesses in town tomorrow if time allows. *keeps fingers crossed* hope I'll remember to do so BEFORE 3pm, otherwise the best time to do so might be Tuesday morning. Ridiculous time difference, lol. Also praying hard that I can actually get a good job: one in agriculture, perhaps or even in a cafe or coffee shop (is there really only one?!).

I'm so stoked to paint and decorate my room! I'm not positive my budget, and I'm ok with only working with a little. But still... should I go modern? insane? country? other...?



Playlist updated and on auto play. Not a massive country music aficionado, but that's ok. Dan inspired this. I'll probably add more songs to the playlist soon too.

I can't believe this is all really happening. I think I'm in slight shock or disbelief or something. But all the same, it is really happening!!!


Things to take...

Considering I will be now taking a checked bag, I can take stuff... But the other question is: should I take my backpack as a carryon, or my duffle bag? Should I still take my backpack (stuffed in my checked bag)? Is my duffle bag w/in carry-on requirements (mostly).

hmm.... things to consider.

Need to take my music stand if I'm taking my violin.

It's most unfortunate that I'll have to spend my whole summer with out Konrad and Tecumseh. But they should be fine in the loving care of Kim. :)

Alarm clock.

Computer. <-- I'm seriously considering getting a sleeve for it so that it would be more protected on the trip (I really should have one regardless).
Hmm... on that note, I'd probably like to take it in my backpack, otherwise I'd probably have to stow both my bags (if I were to take my duffle) above in the carry-on compartment because I kinda doubt that my duffle would fit under my seat, and my violin is a weird size as it is.

Fun reading books.

I'll have to potentially let Kim babysit my plant too.

This sounds ridiculous, but my textbook for my ANS 452 class. It's very useful, and I might want it.

Internship paperwork, envelopes and stamps.

Speakers.... <-- I wish. 

Clothes, obviously.

Umbrella? Travel Mug? Water bottle? Sunglasses? Hangers?

The Violin Factor

So the poll on if I should take a checked suitcase that I had up there is now irrelevant. Jan and Jim want me to bring my violin (which is funny, I had just talked with Kim earlier about how I didn't want to take it with me because I didn't want to have to fly with it again as I always did going to Belhaven, but at the same time, I really can't see myself spending a whole summer without it).

They want me to bring my violin so they can show me off (oh dear... I'm sooo rusty!!! Now I'm nervous about what I would play... maybe I can practice up real fast when I get there for awhile before I play anything) Hey, and who knows what else I can do with my violin when I'm there. Jam sessions with Jan and other relatives, perhaps?

But, because I have to take my violin, it completely cancels the possibility of just taking carry-on luggage.

Sooo they said they'd be willing to pay for my checked bag (which is awesome, PTL!)


oh shenandoah

Oh Shenandoah,
I long to hear you,
Away you rolling river,
Oh Shenandoah,
I long to hear you,
Away, I'm bound away
'Cross the wide Missouri.

...and seriously, I actually do have to cross the Missouri to get there...
... just saying.

I found a picture of the house

5 bedrooms, 2 bath
1.65 acres

my location for 10 weeks of summer 2010

heck to the yes, bring on the small town

I'm GOING!!!!

I'm SO excited! I just got my plane tickets!!! This time, one hour ago, I was super nervous about it all, two weeks ago, today, I had no idea what I was going to do this summer and I was totally freaking out about not being able to get a job.

I got my tickets today though!!! I can't believe it!!!

I'm only mostly freaking out here!!!

I should go work out... but at the same time, I'm super stoked about this whole thing.

So, why, you may ask, did I create a new blog about this? Mostly because I'll be there all summer, and the rest of the world doesn't need to know the ridiculous details about the rest of my life, sooo thus the creation of this blog.

It's rather unfortunate that I still have this mound of homework to accomplish. I should really go to that prof's office hours to talk about the stuff I'm incredibly confused on. *sigh* frustrating.

I still need to decide if I should take a checked suitcase with me. I'm thinking about doing a "dry run" for packing to make sure I'm taking everything I need and not taking anything I for sure won't use (I hate it when I over-pack).

I'm going to try to remember to talk to someone from Real Life or at Calvary directly about finding a church in Shenandoah. I mean, seriously, I am going to be there for 10 weeks, I might as well find a church to go to. ;)