of plants and evening bike rides

After doing homework, or attempting to do my homework, but actually in reality I did a lot of research on growing a garden and doing a CSA in Iowa and looking for other people doing the same in the Shenandoah area (nope, no one around).

Then I went to Walmart and got some envelopes to send my internship information back to Dr Velez every week.... which I still have yet to start sending anything. Really need to get on that tomorrow.

Tomorrow, around 9am, Jim and I are leaving to go talk to this one guy about the algae project. I'm supposed to dress nice. Sounds important, lol.

then I got home and all the plants were in the yard!!! Apparently the manager at Earl May Nursery thought that we gave him a pretty good bid for the lot of plants. I started sorting them by type, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, broccoli, eggplant, and then set about counting them. Found out we actually have cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and a few other plants besides what I originally thought. Awesome. Didn't get to finish counting them because Jan wanted to go get dinner. With the big purchase of all the plants, she didn't feel like cooking - plus, it was really hot in the house because Jim forgot to close it up and turn on the AC, but considering, it probably wasn't more than 80 degrees inside and out.

We went down to HyVee (they had me drive, lol) to the little deli to get these pork tenderloin sandwiches, but apparently they were completely sold out. So instead we went over to Godfather's Pizza and got the Ultimate Pizza combination thing. Hot stuff pizza, italian sausage pizza, and apple streusel pizza. Really good, and a lot of leftovers (yum).

Came back to the farmhouse and I did some reading for my summer class and when I got tired of swatting off mosquitos, I took off on my bike down towards the end of Airport road. Didn't mean to go that far, but I ended up going down the other way on Airport road and went all over Shenandoah. It was really nice out, and I had my bike lights, so I wasn't too worried about being out in the dark. Plus, there isn't really a thing that even remotely relates to traffic out here.

Rode through down town and passed the movie theater. It was packed out with high schoolers there to see the newest installment of the Twilight frenzy. A couple of boys were outside drinking energy drinks (because that's the cool thing to do when you're in high school, lol) and one yelled across the street "hey! do a wheelie!!!" another said to him "she's a girl, she's not going to do that, she probably can't," so I jumped a curb and actually got some major air off the other side. "WOAH!!!" "That was awesome!" "I toldja she could do it" hahah... it made me laugh and kinda happy.

I really, really miss social interaction with people my age (<--- I seriously can't say this enough!).

and it's only 11, but I'm peacing out to bed.

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