of planting, tools, and fetch

I'm stalling. I don't want to go back out there. Not that I don't enjoy it. Not at all. I'm liking the whole sorting of the tomato varieties and everything. It's just kinda hot, and I'm kinda tired. Thank God there is a breeze today though.

Got to bed around 2 last night. Homework done. Got up this morning at 6:45 because Jim said there might be people coming over to help plant. No one came. But after donning jeans and my work boots, we started working on more of the layout. Jim went to get a post-thing to put these posts in the ground. No such luck, but got this other garden tool to kinda dig holes. The problem is that it's really intense clay out here. It's super disgusting to put holes into. I mean, yes, the ground has been tilled, but not much. Mostly just the surface, nothing really lower than that. And the plants need to go in at least 6 inches. After attempting to dig a hole for one plant, 10 minutes later, Jim decides to go get an auger. Lol... 20 minutes later he returns with a new one in a box. No gas and no oil for the mixture and no tools to put it together, so he sends me out to get these with some $$.

I'd eaten cereal around 7, and from working in the sun for the last 3 hours, I'm starving, so I stop and get a breakfast burrito and some coffee at McDonald's while I'm out. So worth it.

I love knowing how engines work. It just makes me endlessly happy to know such a practical thing. When I was at Walmart I got lost in the garden, hunting, and automotive departments (so fun) before realizing that I needed to focus and get that adjustable wrench that Jim needed.

While I was sorting tomato varieties, I came across this toad. It surprised me so much. So not expecting him. Took a few pictures and a video. I'll post them soon.

I love this. This whole farming thing. I feel like I'm actually doing something. Sorting the plants makes me think of the work I'll be doing in the future working with kids in the ag program in high schools. I can't wait to share the stuff I know about all the gardening and nursery care with kids. Just seeing their eyes light up about everything, especially when they make connections about agriculture. It's beyond rewarding. Also because it reminds me constantly of gardening with my mom when I was younger.

I mean, they say if you find a career you love, you'll never have to work a day in your life -- simply because you love it so much and do it because of you love for it.

Jim's probably wondering where I am and why I'm taking so long... should return. I've been up here for about 20 minutes now.

Lexx has taken to, well, for one thing, stealing Jessie's toys, but also, realizing that fetch is one of the best games invented. He loves it. He's super good with commands like come, stay, and drop-it, so it works well. When I pulled back into the driveway, he jumped off the porch, Jessie's toy in mouth and trotted towards me. :) We're slowly becoming pretty good friends. It's cool.

Contacted Susannah Nelson, who is only 2.5 hours away in KC, MO. We might be able to get together, which would be BEYOND awesome because I'm super dying to hang out with someone my age, but also because I miss her like the WORLD and haven't seen her in YEARS. It would be fantastic. <3

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