of homework, church, and growing corn

Today I spent a lot of time in my room, reorganizing things (apparently I do that a lot here), showered, did a bit of homework and sorting of what I'm going to do today.

Jim came in a bit later and said that if I wanted to, I could look into what it would take to redecorate my room. Ha. That's funny. I'd entirely given up on that. Time, money... things I don't have ready access to. It's not really a top priority anymore for me. I mean, if it's available, sure, I'd be down for it, but otherwise, I see zero point in getting my hopes up again. Spatter Disaster it remains.

However, the bed helps more than you can imagine. I can't even begin to say how awesome it is. I can't wait to crawl back in it. It's one of those things you never think about, but I feel like I've almost practically "arrived" now.

After that I went down to the library to return the first of the HP movies that I'd watched. Then I did a good bit more of homework and worked on my internship stuff. I really need to get in my graduate school application. I just have so much on my plate right now, I'm kinda going insane almost, I guess. It would be enough with just this class and all the reading for it that I have to do, but no, there's papers for it too, and I need to study for the CBEST and register and take it sometime in the next 5 months, same with the ORELA and another one of those big, expensive exams. Ulgh. So frustrating.

Came back to the house, talked on the phone with mom some, noticed that the guy was here to plow. I was kinda surprised, considering how wet the soil still is, but there he was. He knows a lot about gardening. He and his family keep one that's a bit smaller than this every year with help from other family and such. He said after his first year, he dumped 16 tons of sand on the land, tilled it in three times and then the land became more workable. It's not a super exciting idea, but it's what needs to be done.

Then I went to the Wednesday night service at Shenandoah Assemblies of God. Met up with Annette, the pastor's wife and we talked for a bit before going into worship. Afterwards, I met Trisha, who is quite a bit older than me, but still in her 20s, still single, and still living in the area, so we talked for awhile and exchanged numbers. She works a good amount, but she's still planning on going to the baseball game on Sunday. Then I met Erica, who is the worship leader, and another young woman from the area. She got super excited when she found out that I play the violin, and I'm scheduled to join the worship team practice tomorrow at 5pm. I'm actually really excited more than nervous, like I thought I would be. I really can't wait to get my violin out, tune it, and play.

After church, I went on a long bike ride around the Shenandoah area. It was really nice. Then just before I got back to the farmhouse, I stopped and went into the cornfield to listen to the corn grow. Yes, my friends. You can hear the corn grow. It's the trippiest thing. Love it, haha.

I'm hoping to do a bit more reading tonight so I can whip out my homework tomorrow afternoon before worship practice. Pastor Dan said that they're going to try to get either a carpool or a van going to AdventureLand on Friday, so I should plan to meet at the church at 8am on Friday. Woohoo. That should be fun :)

I'm also contemplating getting up at darkthirty tomorrow morning to work in the garden, getting some more tomatoes in the ground so I don't look like I'm completely useless - plus, it'd be a good thing to do now that the soil is actually somewhat usable now that it's tilled.

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  1. Hey just thought I would let you know so you can take this off your mind., we only have to take the ORELA sometime before the end of grad school. So if need be, you can put off taking it or studying for it just yet.