of an interview, and conversations with neighbor Fred

Last night, I stayed up ridiculously late talking with Kim, Jeni, and Lydia. We ended up sharing goodness knows how many links and youtube videos. It was a lot of fun, and the time just got away from me -- until I realized the hour and how tired I was (and how tired I would be in the morning).

After getting up, I just kinda bummed around for awhile. It was too wet outside to do much in the garden (again, it's been raining about every few days, keeping things nice and wet). Played the guitar (not well, mind), but still, it's entertaining, and I'm getting somewhat better. Then I watched movie trailers online. Then the phone rang at 11. It was Subway? They wanted to know if I'd be free and interested for an interview today at 2. Sure, I'm not doing anything. Um... cool.

Showered and got ready for the interview and showed up early. She told me a little about the job requirements, but mostly about how she didn't want me giving anything away to customers or family members and thereby stealing things and then lying about it later. She apparently gets super uptight about things like that. Good to know.

I wasn't sure if I should mention the fact that I'm going to be around for another month, but I decided not to really worry about it and just play the whole thing by ear. I mean, seriously, I haven't had an actual job interview for a long time... a few years, perhaps? My most intimidating one, by far, was for YMA, but that was like, 5 years ago.

She had two open spots, and four applicants. I was the last to be interviewed because I had turned in an application most recently. She seemed to be super distant about the hiring process and said she'd call tomorrow about her choice and such. Then we talked for a few more minutes about the job, and she seemed to be deciding something as we were talking. The next thing I know, she says she'd like to hire me and pulls out her schedule and puts me down for 11-2 tomorrow. Woah. Happened so fast. Trippy. I have a job. Man, I almost don't want to leave now. Between church, and now work... cool.

I was kinda in disbelief, but there it is. Wow, crazy.

I went by ShenAG to say hi to Ashley. We talked for awhile, and we might get together for lunch sometime this week. Awesome :) Then I went by the library and returned some books I didn't actually want to read... one was large print (which is just awkward), and the others were more by the same author I've been reading, and they're good, just slightly formulaic, so the whole thing gets old after awhile.

Then I went by the little guitar store downtown to pick up myself a capo so I can play more songs that I haven't really been able to play, lacking the correct key. Dude, that guy in that store was so creepy. I could tell he was just checking me out the entire time. No bueno, creeper. But I was willing to overlook that and just get my capo. But his card machine wasn't working, so I said I'd come back soon to get it... Once I got in my car, I realized I wasn't going to come back. I'd either send Jim, or look at another store, or go to another town, or try ebay.com. No way I was going back to that creep-stop. So I went by Walmart and actually managed to find a decent capo there. Weird, but awesome. Plus, it was cheeper than the one had been at the guitar shop. Bomb-dig.

Went home and played the guitar for a long time. Again, not well, but better than I had been a few weeks ago. Then went down to dinner with Jan, Jim, and Fred, who came over for dinner. Fred is quite the interesting character. He has three or four exwives, was a trucker, has been all over the States with that job, he has a lot of toys in his yard: truck, jeep, 4-wheeler, lawn mowers, RV, and his little dog, Jessie (very protective of him, it's adorable). He joined the Marines back in 1953, was in it for three years before switching to the Army for another four years. He said he was stationed in France for a long time where they had this massive building to surface the U-boats. So awesome to hear about.

The whole baby-gate-to-keep-lacy-out-of-the-upstairs idea didn't work super well, as she still had the landing to use... so I put up some empty water bottles on the stairs to both block the stairs more, and to fall on her/down the stairs, making a massive amount of noise, were something like that to potentially occur in the future.

When I was at Walmart, I also got some red vines because they remind me of Lydia... It's super weird eating them all by myself. Not the same. But still reminds me of her a ridiculous amount. I keep thinking she's just in the next room or something *sigh* nope...

The chicks are eating like mad-birds. It's insane, but I guess it's a given. They're young, growing, and are hungry, plus, there are so many of them. Chicken Little was doing very poorly the other day, and I actually thought he was going to die just like the first one had. He is ridiculously tiny. I think he must be a bantam or something. He's at least half the size of the rest, but bosses them around like none other. It's adorable and really funny. But I didn't know what to do, then I got the idea to check and clean his vent... and then just pray. And viola! He's better and back to normal! It made me super happy, but also kinda frustrated at myself for not having checked that with the other chick. All of the chicks were taking a nap together and on top of each other this after noon. It was most adorable.

I have a ton of reading to catch up on for my class. It's depressing. Ulgh. Why do I get so behind?!? For starters though, I will for sure have to say that this class has been a ton more work than I had anticipated. It's so insane. Read this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and then summarize and synthesize it all into 1000 words every week, and then respond in 400 words to 2 other student's papers from last week. Baaaaaaaaahh. It's driving me crazy.

The Page county fair started yesterday, and I think the Fremont county fair starts today. I really want to go to both, even if I don't like, help or work with them in anything for my FFA interests, I'd just love to go to them as something to do and all that. I'm endlessly sad that I'm going to miss the HR county fair this year.


  1. dude, as i was reading this i thought you said Fred has several entwives (not exwives) and my mind instantly went like this: "aha! that's where they've all gone. mystery solved: the entwives migrated to iowa." bahahaha...

  2. i also think its really funny that you are deterring the dog from coming upstairs via prank-traps. dude. hilarious. especially because you say it in such a matter-of-fact, well-duh way.

    psyched you got the capo. sorry about the creeper. ick.

    happy to hear about the chicks eating so much. that's super cute.

    and, aw, so adorable that now you're eating red vines. at first i was like, huh? that's not very characteristic of hannah ... ooooooh, right. cute. :)

    hang in there with the reading -- you can do it!

    about the county fairs -- DO IT! you should totally go! sounds like fun to me :)

  3. p.s. congrats again about the job. hope it goes well today!