of silliness

Yup, 17 and in high school. I was almost positive of it. And I was right. Everything else aside, I knew the second I saw him he wasn't my type, besides. Leaving a number? never a good way to get me, sorry. Texting is not a good start to any kind of relationship. Lol... still comical how much he flipped out when he found out I'm 21. Actually, he gave himself away with his language how he doesn't love Jesus. Big turn off - not to mention not something I can really respect, especially from a high schooler, kinda made me sad.

Back to reading my book before bed. :)

Ulgh. still so hot in this house!!! I would like to stop sweating already. It's almost like I can feel the salt crystals forming on my face - it kinda hurts. Obnoxious.

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  1. this is hilarious, dude -- and btw, the beginning is very well written! almost a non-fiction piece :) in fact, i think you could write a book or screenplay after your summer in iowa.

    ps -- sorry about the face crystallization. ;)