of getting lost in good books

Starting the morning with the intention of completing some homework after working in the garden ended up being mostly me getting super lost in a good book (yeah, that's pretty much what I spent the majority of my day doing, was just barely into it and finished it before 3pm... heh, apparently I love reading more and more every day, it's super depressing to realize how much I've missed out on over the years of not having the time), after sleeping in, then some added generally bumming around, making a lasanga (after cleaning the kitchen to where I could kinda see the counter tops (lol), and making like, 2 pans of it because the pans were small and i had so much ingredients), and making it to worship team practice at church - it was kinda difficult, seeing as though I was only given lyrics and chord letters... and that while playing the violin without knowing my chords super well, wasn't the best, but it could have been worse. Also, it was definitely one of those times where I was more than thankful that I'd learned so many hymns growing up, because we're going to be singing When I Survey the Wondrous Cross for communion on Sunday, and, well, apparently, I'll be playing a large portion of it (from memory of course). :)

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  1. what book did you finish? I just finished A Wrinkle in Time. :)