of better days

I woke up this morning with Mighty to Save playing through my mind. Especially the "shine your light out" part. So good. Such an awesome thing to wake up to. God is awesome.

Then, after cereal (cinnamon raisin Ezekiel is actually really good) Rose, Nancy and I talked a bit more, and Rose decided we should go to the extension office in the county. It's located out in Clarinda, which I'd never been to before because the cars were apparently not trustworthy enough to take that far -- I think it's actually that they're not so good for super long road trips like, 2+ hours, not just half hour drives, but anyway.

So after some cereal and changing, we took off for Clarinda. It was really good to just talk with Rose about stuff. Yeah, I mean, she's still kinda funny and goes on about how "James wasn't raised that way! Bob did everything perfectly" lol... but it was good to just get out from the farmhouse more, be around normal people, and then even better to see the scenery surrounding Shenandoah and get out some.

Clarinda is a bit bigger than Shenandoah, but it's still just as cute. We made a few wrong turns, but soon found the Iowa State University, Page County Extension Office. There we talked to a few people and picked up a stack of papers and brochures on well, how to start a farm, because that's what we're doing, and I'm just a college student, I have no experience doing this, and it's not my job, and no one else here has any more (if not often, much less) experience than I do. I also got to talk to the gal who is in charge of the 4-H program and got dates and such of the pre-fair setup dates and judging stuff that I could just show up to and either just watch or help out with. So awesome. So going.

Then Rose and I took a little detour to Coin to go to the Quilt Coop to check it out b/c she has a quilt that she wants to fix and such. It was a really cute place. A renovated barn chock full of fabrics and quilts. Then Rose got to talking with the owner and a farmer walked in. Overalls, cowboy boots, plaid shirt. Farmer. So awesome. Then we got to talking with him too (he's the husband of the store owner), and then he told me how he got the farmer's certificate in vocational studies from ISU here back in the 60s when he heard how I'm a GenAg/AgEd major out at OSU. Then he asked me where in Oregon I'm from. Now, this, peoples. Is a toss up. I can tell them I live in Corvallis (because I do currently), or that I live in Portland (because no one knows the difference, it's all dirt roads and canvas covered wagons to anyone east of Idaho), and at other times I say I grew up in Hood River (and throw in how it's east of Portland). This time, for some reason I decided to say Hood River.
"Hood River?" he said
"You know Odell? I got me some relatives out there"
"Wait, seriously?!!? I'm actually from Odell, but no one knows where it is, so I always leave that part out"
"Really? No kiddin. Yeah, the Graves, you know 'em?"
"Umm, don't think so, but the name sounds familiar, wow, small world!"
"Yeah, it just keeps gettin' smaller"

Trippy. To meet a farmer in small town, southwest Iowa and to know that he's got relatives back where I'm from. Trippy. So awesome.

Then we took a side road back to Hwy 2 before getting back to Shenandoah.

After arriving back in Shen, I had to take some dvd's back to the library, so once we got back out to the farmhouse (after picking up some stuff at Nancy's and eating lunch, Rose drove her van, and I rode my bike), and I just put stuff upstairs, grabbed the library stuff and headed out before I would forget and be charged fines for overdue movies.

Once at the library, I poked around a bit and found another book to read and got myself started on a HP marathon. Picked up the first three. I was going to reread the books, but that just takes so long and there are so many other books in the world that I'm just itching to read right now, so why would I reread them all right now? Not that I don't love them. I do. And they deserve a reread, but perhaps, not just yet. My loyalty to LotR is a bit stronger, so I feel I should reread those again before going on to HP again, lol.

Then after the library, I went over to the Shenandoah Assemblies of God and went to the office to just get connected and see what all is going on. I met Ashley, who works there in the office, and we just got talking for quite a while. It was good to just talk with someone my age again. I've missed it soo ridiculously much, I can't say it enough. We exchanged numbers and I signed up to go to a Royals baseball game on Sunday after church. Looking forward to it, haha, my first baseball game, is that not retarded of me? I need more school spirit. And that starts yesterday. That's another thing: I'm planning on going to as many games next season as I can fit in my schedule. It's going to happen. I love my school. Why not support it? Why not support the athletics? No reason. Done. I'm a Beaver Believer. :)

Then I came back to the farmhouse, reorganized my room and set up my new bed!!!! that Jim actually managed to get for me yesterday. I could not be more excited to have a real bed!

Uploaded some more pictures to my facebook album.

Also: This is just wonderful. Makes my day every time I watch it:

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  1. whoa. just watched it. she's even got the arm pump down.