of morning runs and cuteness overload

I got up a bit later than I'd planned, but I also ended up staying up later than I planned. How often can you say that happens to me? Always. So continuing... I decided I needed to go for a run, considering I, well, didn't yesterday. I started running down Airport Rd. Didn't get far and just didn't feel like going on. I don't have the slightest idea why.

When I stopped, there was the most awesome bird on the wires above me. I looked up, and it looked all the world like a Western Meadowlark that eludes me in Oregon (it's the state bird for some ridiculous reason... I've yet to actually see one in Oregon). It was awesome. I pretty sure I saw it yesterday when I was counting plants, if I remember correctly, it was just chilling in our driveway for quite some time.

For some reason, I felt motivated to continue on my run. So I took off again. I went quite far and even fit in a sprint (I've been throwing these in to help with endurance... plus, it's just fun to run at full speed), then after jogging a bit farther, I noticed what appeared to be similar to the Snowy Plovers we got in our driveway back in Odell that one time, were just buzzing all over the grass and flying low over the road. I didn't really get what was going on until I had to stop dead in my tracks. Just 2 inches in front of me were the most adorable baby Killdeer. (click the link for more info and sound)

I was speechless. They were beyond cuteness. It was a cuteness overload. Times two. Adorable. They both crouched low in the grass because I was there. I was shocked they were even out like that because there were these massive semi trucks just plunging back and forth down Airport Road for the ethanol plant. One of the babies staggered through the grass back into the thicker and taller grass closer to the ditch. I bent down and scooped the other one up to put alongside the other. It was ridiculously adorable. It fit in less than half of my hand. It didn't really say anything or struggle. It just sat there. I was just so surprised to even see them, much less be that close. After gently placing it back in the grass, I continued on keeping a sharp eye out for more wandering little ones.

Never saw one again, but the parents kept diving back and forth across the road. I can only assume that the families were trying to relocate across the road to the larger field than the ditch next to the ethanol plant (which, however, the ditches around here are actually quite large).

I got back closer to the house and heard the Western Meadowlark again. For some reason, it reminded me of a song, I would mention which, had it not escaped my mind right now. Regardless, it was one of those awesome worship songs about God always being there. It was cool. Helped me keep going.

When I walked back up the stairs, I felt defeated. I hadn't run as far as I wanted. I knew I wasn't sure I would be able to run a full distance when I set out (especially after stopping like I had), but I decided to map out my distance anyway. I was shocked when I found out I'd gone 2 miles. Not my best, but certainly not bad at all. According to this exercise plan I'd worked out for general PT, I should be somewhere less than 2 right now. Awesome.

and now....*sigh* on to homework.


  1. Killdeer are not the most intelligent nesters. They have a habit of nesting on driveways, roadsides, paths and other highly-traveled places. The parents flying all around is their way of trying to distract you when you get too close to their nest. They want to try to lead you away to a safe distance. Because of their foolish nesting locations, they spend a lot of time in these maneuvers...