of church, baseball, and fireworks

Got up pretty early, granted, not like I wanted to... regardless, got ready and headed out to church for worship practice which started at 8:45am. We went through several of the songs and it went well. Erica printed out the lead sheets for me, which was considerably better than working through the music with just guitar chords. Met Josh and Michael who are also on the worship team for the most part. After playing through the songs a few times, we took a short break, and then it was time for church to start up. It was really awesome playing. Goodness, I was sore though. I'm so out of practice, it's pathetic. I miss it.

After the sermon, we got up again and played When I Survey The Wondrous Cross and then we all headed out. Oh my goodness, I got so many people talking about and to me regarding having played my violin during worship. It was incredible. It was almost as if their appreciation for it all was as much as I was elated from having been able to play with everyone. Then I got talking with Josh, he works with JSAW, which is a missions program (JSAW = Jesus, Snow, Asphalt, Water) to reach out and have events for skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing. It's pretty awesome - especially considering his incredible testimony.

Then I rode up to Omaha with Ashley and Tricia and some others and we met up with the rest of the church to go to the Omaha Royals minor league baseball game at Rosenblatt stadium. It was fun. Kinda boring, lol, and pretty hot as we were in the sun, but overall it was good - mostly for just hanging out with people and such.

Then on the way back home we stopped at some restaurant that we don't have out west and got concretes - reminded me of Bops down in Jackson, MS. Made me miss my occasional late-night outings with Kyra, Ruthie, Susanna, Joanna, Kim, Lydia, Susannah, Adie, and Martha.

When we got back to Shenandoah (which, btw, people call it Shan, and Shanandoah, not Shen... just something I've noticed since being here longer... not unlike how Corvallis is called Cervallis by those who are from there, lol) I was ridiculously tired. I just wanted to go to bed right then and there, but the fireworks were later, so I made myself stay up as much as possible.

Then, when I was just about to settle down to the 4th Harry Potter movie, Jim called up the stairs saying they were heading over to Nancy's to hang out and such. So I didn't want to be completely antisocial, so I tagged along. As per usual, I drove. I guess it might be the only thing that kept me awake on the way over there.

Then I managed to talk with Nancy and goof around with Rachel before their Family Night. We sang a song and then the reading tonight was more on mormon stuff, which was hard for me, but I did my best to sit quietly and say a few kind things every so often.

Afterwards, we didn't have time to eat dinner before heading out to the continuously delayed fireworks display, so we just took off for that. It was fun. Pretty laid back, but pleasant. They blasted various patriotic songs, some Sousa marches, a medley of some military themes, and quite a few country songs. Rachel spent half the time describing things to me such as her personal description of each firework, how they probably made each, followed immediately by her ducking to the noise every time.

When the fireworks finally (and sadly) finished (I love fireworks... so much), we were going to head back over to Nancy's, but it was late, so Jan wanted to head home, so we did. Then I pretty much went straight to bed -- well, after talking to Lydia on Skype for about an hour or so and playing around online for a bit.

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