of bike rides, longboards, and aviator kid

So I must say, that I am sitting here, now laughing quietly to myself. I was, however, laughing a bit more out loud a few minutes ago. Why you might ask? I will tell you...

My day started out not unlike yesterday. Alarm hitting off at 5:45am and me deciding whether to attempt an exercise thing of sorts in my  room, go for another run (went for one yesterday, see), or go for a bike ride. The bike riding won, so I headed out. Wasn't too unlike yesterday, except there weren't any clouds. Just the standard midwestern haze along the horizon. The sun hadn't come up just yet. Once I got into town, I decided to hit up the Wabash Trace bike trail... at least for awhile anyway. Sounded like a nice enjoyable thing to do. When I was almost towards the trail, the sun started to arrive just above the horizon. It was beautiful. Not much was lit by it just yet, but it was the deepest orange-pink, and it was literally massive. Maybe the humidity, the smog, or the general concept that it's on the horizon is what makes it so big at sunrise and sunset (probably), but it's such an awesome thing that you basically never see in the Pacific Northwest (yeah, at the beach, but seriously, peoples, how often is it clear enough at the beach to actually see the sunset, lol). Went over the Nishnabotna River, across Hwy 59, and a bit farther to whatever 170th is... hwy? road? driveway? no idea... it was gravel (not that this fact helps anything). Anyway, I just looked it up on google maps and it says I apparently went around 12 miles. Did not know I went that far. Regardless, I really enjoyed my bike ride. Plus, as I was only gone for around an hour, I was still able to do some stuff before starting in on planting again.

Oh, and if you were like, seriously wondering where in the world I am:

There you go, now you're not in the dark about where I am, lol.

After my bike ride, I had some cereal and got ready to start planting more. Set up my handy-dandy ipod stereo again and was able to plug into some of the Solid Rock podcasts. Always awesome. Also, managed to get up to The Way event, so I listened to those again. Really awesome.

Then around 10 or so, Jim needed me to follow him into town with the Buick so he could drop off the Saturn at the glass repair shop because the windshield is miserable on that car and needed to be replaced. So after dropping off the Saturn, I drove Jim around to a few clients for his computer business of sorts to drop off and pick up some stuff before heading back home. Then when I got back home, I called Lydia. Her phone isn't working right, which is mega lame. :(

While I was on the phone with her, Lexx started barking, so I walked around from behind the garage to see what was up. Team Green drove up in a van... didn't know what it was until I saw the key, magic word on the van: Plumbing.


I'm getting a real sink upstairs! I could not be more excited.

Out from the van pops your typical construction worker and a younger kid. I knew immediately he was checking me out - me with my sweat, caked dirt, work clothes, and all. Ridiculous kid, flaunting his intense aviators. I guessed he might be in high school no way to tell though, I mean, I look like a high schooler myself, so who am I do judge? lol... Then I got back to working and kinda forgot about it.

After awhile, Jim came back with Robby. He watched me work a bit before I was done for the day - I'd let Jim know before he got Robby that I was about to call it a day after finishing my current row of carefully planted and watered tomatoes.

Once I'd gone back inside, showered (somehow, this clay does not want to come off my arms. it's weird and kinda frustrating), and went back to my room to just chill before getting something for lunch and heading to town to go to the library to finish my grad school application. I already applied and got accepted to my program (agriculture education), but I'm technically still not in the graduate school of OSU, so I have to apply to that as well. All I need to do now is get some letters of recommendation and my transcript.

While I was bumming on my bed, reading a book, the house vibrated with a drill bit. The plumbers were back (haha, no no, they were installing something overhead, so no suggestive/retarded comments :P ). Meant I had to walk past them on the way downstairs, because they were working in the stairs because the mini bathroom is actually above the staircase. They were also working a bit in the kitchen too because of pipe connections and such. I could tell that apprentice plumber dude was still upchecking me out. Whatever.

I grabbed some food and headed back to my room to finish watching the last 48 minutes of Harry Potter 6. I realized, I hadn't seen it since last summer - in the theaters. And I was really cold, and didn't want to be watching it when I saw it, and I saw it with a total non-HP fan, so it was too long and depressing to say the least. But this time: this time, it was good. And I had to wonder why I was so weird about it when I first saw it: circumstances <--- that's all. Anyway, no more movie dates (w/guys) for me, that's all I can say, lol. They're just no bueno. BUT! this time, I loved it, and I kinda want to watch it again, but at the same time, I want to be done with watching movies for awhile. I'm soo into reading books right now, and I'm in the midst of like, 5 right now (hate it when that happens, actually), and I have at least 9 more waiting to be read on my shelf. So excited (like, you have no idea).

Then headed out to the library to return HP5 and HP6 before finishing my grad school app. Got it in! Happy about that, but now I have to work on the rest of everything.

Also? I'm kinda of the opinion that people out here don't know about Starfield, Telecast, or Phil (ridiculously-awesome) Wickham, and this, my friends, is a very upsetting fact. A fact that must be remedied soon (and very soon).

After the library I got a smoothie at McDonalds (apparently it's a new feature, and goodness, although it was sweet, it was goooood and just what I wanted... well, besides salad. I'd been craving salad like mad for the last few days, apparently I'm not getting enough veggies) and headed over to McComb park and read some more in my most recent fun book (book #3 of the summer so far). Then I played on the zip-line thing at the park before finding the worlds most awesome slide ever. it's not really a slide, and I didn't manage to get a picture of it, but it's almost flat and made up mostly of free spinning rods. Goodness, it's so awesome. It's like a rush, no joke. Then I went down like I was boarding. It made me really miss snowboarding. I went down it like that probably 10 times at least. Must have looked absolutely ridiculous to the neighbors, lol. So then, I got a sudden idea that I really wanted to get myself a longboard (nothing new, I might add). No sporting stores like that in town. Lame. So I headed to walmart to check out what they had. for $15 I could get myself a how-to-train-your-dragon themed 28" skateboard. Not really what I'd had in mind... but it's an option. How would I get it back to Oregon? Take the trucks off, of course. But I'm still not set on getting that one, I'm going to craigslist it up a bit and maybe see if I can look for one up in Omaha or something and tag along with someone.... it's a thought. I love longboards, and I wish I was more proficient. Not many people board around here at all, it's kinda sad. Food for thought, not doing anything major as of just yet.

After that adventure, I headed back to the farmhouse. I noticed Jan had picked up some salad makings, and it was around 6pm, and I'd been up since, well... for the last 12 hours, and I really can't wait til 8 or later for dinner as is the norm around here. I tried to decide between making myself a burrito (something I've been craving like mad because they don't have real mexican food here. Muchas Gracias date when I get back? Yes please, like right after I get back - thank goodness they're open 24hrs. But I also really wanted a salad. I opted for a taco-ish salad. Hot refried beans, salsa, ranch (no sour cream), avocado, lettuce, sweet corn, carrots (weird, but still on the crave list). So. Awesome.

Took some pics of the garden and such. Jim is currently out plowing. It's kinda still really hot, but anyway. Then I headed upstairs, walked into my room and set my stuff down and started pulling a few things from my backpack. Made sure that the dogs hadn't managed to wander upstairs and take off with one of my shoes and wondering why it's so ridiculously hot when we have air conditioning in this house, I walked in and out of my room. Looking down, I noticed a blue rubber bracelet. Thinking it must have been something Jan or Jim had left for me, as I was wearing two today (one, my orange Identity one from The Way event, and the other my new, black JSAW bracelet I got at church the other day... orange and black, perfect, no?), I picked it up. It's really plain, so I wonder if it must just be a misplaced rubber band from the plumbing guys? but why would they have rubber bands working with PVC pipes? Nope. There it is. Noticed the key thing. Wow. A phone number. Tricky, aviator kid. Haha, good one. Placed, I realized, directly in front, and in the middle of my door. Adorable.

This, my friends, is why I am laughing right now. I'm not super sure what to think about it, haha. So cute. Quite the smooth move. Still not positive this kid's not in high school, lol.

Anyway, now it's super hot in the house, and I'm sweating like mad, so I asked Jim why the air isn't on... apparently he just forgot. Um, anyway, Jan was super excited when she remembered too, so now the air's on, but it's still a million degrees in here.

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