of stress

argh! I am so freaking frustrated/stressed right now.

Between all the homework I have to finish up and turn in tonight (and am attempting to understand), and the planting plan that I need to assemble so that all the plants can get in the ground by Sunday. Everyone (but me) is freaking out about the plants getting in the ground ASAP and not really thinking about every little necessary detail about planing and proper spacing. It's driving me insane. I keep getting interrupted from my homework. Next time I go to the library, I'm not answering my phone (why am I so polite and considerate?)...

I'd say priority #1 would be the garden, but for right now, it's my summer class. I'm paying how much $$ to get a what grade in this class that I'm reserving for my grad program? Yeah... thought so. Need to get a good grade. Need to do well on my homeworks. Need to turn all of them in on time. Plants will still be there tomorrow. They're not running away or dying.

And the plan shouldn't really take all that long to develop, I'm thinking. I have to do a bit more research on spacing, lighting, wind, water, aesthetic, etc, but it should all work out fine.

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