of book reading and snack eating

Because it's well, Saturday, I took the opportunity to sleep in. Not that I haven't been getting enough sleep or anything, it's just that it's nice to actually sleep in sometimes. Then after waking up, I just bummed around and read my book.

I checked on the chicks. They're already getting bigger, it's kinda hard to believe, but they're adorable. So much fun to watch. :)

I've been playing the guitar a good bit these days. I'm not good by any means, but it's entertaining and fun. I wish I could be better than I am currently, but I suppose that will only come with time and practice.  Then I pretty much just bummed out for the rest of the day by reading my most recent book. My new snack of choice has been cinnamon graham crackers with crunchy peanut butter on top. Sooo yummy. and quite filling to say the least.

Getting bored with just reading in my room and eating said snack above, I went to HyVee to investigate another snack and came across the best: Chex Mix Bold, found some vanilla yogurt (after the sad, sad, realization that they do not have Tillamook French Vanilla yogurt), and picked out a few nectarines (so wonderful), and grabbed a spoon from the deli area before heading out to find a park to enjoy my new snack and more of my book. First I hit up McComb Park because it's one of the largest in town, and I love that one slide, but alas, it was quite occupied, so then I decided to hit up Manti Park, which is one that we drove past when going out to Jason's farm the other night. It's really small, there's a small bridge over a creek, one picnic table, and well, that's about it. But I loved it. Apparently there's more to with with a path to hike up, but it was starting to get dark, so I just hunkered down on the bridge with my book and my snacks for awhile.

I just want to say: that yogurt was the most disappointing things of my week. It was gnarly. Ulgh. So gross. It didn't taste anything like yogurt -- more like frosting, and it was a weird texture to boot (and I'm not even a texture person). Stupid corn syrup. I'll have to make a mental note not get that brand again. Ever. haha...

After awhile it started getting dark, so I headed back to the farmhouse and just read more of my book for the rest of the evening before going to bed.

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