of morning busyness

I'm behind. I realize this. I'll go back and edit those posts, I promise. Just.... not now. I'm really tired.

For some ridiculous reason, I decided that I need to be getting up at dark thirty in the morning - literally. I set my alarm for, well, lets just say I was out the door and on my run by 6am. The sun wasn't up just yet, and the morning was almost, almost, almost crisp. But no, still soggy. Because it's Iowa. Lame (lol). Then I went on my run. Wasn't expecting to go far or long because it's been so long since I last went on a run, but surprisingly, I did quite well and was back from going 2 miles in a faster time than I had anticipated. All in all, it was a good run. Then I showered, had some breakfast, read a chapter in one of my books for my class, and headed out to the garden to work around 7:30am.

I had to replant two rows of tomatoes (about 23-25 plants per row), and the row of eggplants (however many we have) because they weren't planted well. Then I proceeded to plant another three rows of tomatoes. All the while, I listened to podcasts from Solid Rock. Now, when I say that, I don't mean, I'm listening to the most recent ones. I'm catching up from where I'm behind this year. So, this means that today, I listened to Easter Sunday. All in all, it was good to listen to them, and I'm ever thankful that I have awesome friends who thought to get me a stereo system for graduation. :)

Then, at around 12:30pm, after planting, getting fully immersed in dirt, clay, tomatoes, bugs, worms, and goodness knows what else (beside ants, ant eggs, and fly larvae of sorts... ew), I showered, had some lunch and took a short nap before heading to the library to work on my grad school application - something I should have done long ago, but oh well, there it is, needing to be done. Before I went to the library, I went over to McComb park and talked with Kara for over an hour. It was really awesome to talk with her. :)

Then I worked on my application before heading back to the house after picking up yet another book I had on hold (love it). Got home, starving around 5:30, only to find out that dinner wouldn't be for at least another 2 hours. So, I had some cereal and watched the next Harry Potter movie on the list: The Order of the Phoenix. Fun stuff.

I should probably clean my room some and finish up that grad school application... bleh.

...I wonder when the sink is going to be put in the bathroom upstairs...

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