of counting plants and plans associated to them

Jan and I went to the pool, well, actually, what really happened was that I dropped her off and then went to the library to print out something and then sent it off, didn't want to make her wait while I did all that. Then I met back up with her at the pool. I found the lap land and did a few. I am so out of shape for that though, it's ridiculous.

After the pool, we came back to the house and I bummed out in my room for awhile, IMing with Lydia and Zach. Then the guy came to put in most of the sink for the 1/4 bath that is up here currently. Hopefully the plumbing for the sink will go in within the week.

Then I went back outside and finished counting the plants we bought from Earl May yesterday.

Here's what we have:


  • chives - 2
  • garlic chives - 1
  • curled parsley - 6
  • sweet marjoram - 1
  • greek oregano - 4
  • italian parsley - 3
  • italian oregano - 2
  • lemon mint - 2
  • chamomile - 2
  • stevia - 1
  • chocolate mint - 1
  • pineapple mint - 1


  • Sweet Potatoes - 103
  • Eggplant - 19
  • Broccoli - 48
  • Cauliflower - 51
  • Brussels sprouts - 4
  • Peppers - 336
  • Tomatoes - 603

So, needless to say, we have a lot of plants, and a LOT of peppers and tomatoes. Ha, after dinner, Jan was joking around about sending tomato sauce and marinara sauce and dried tomatoes to relatives for Christmas gifts since we have so many. But hopefully the stand out on 59, and maybe if we have one out at the farmer's market in town on those days it might do well... we'll see.

After counting them all up, I did some more research about starting a CSA (best to wait off on that until next year), and getting everything together and planned out. Next step (aside from the homework I have due tomorrow), is to plan out the garden and plant everything!!! Hopefully we can get all that done by Sunday or Monday. It would be great to get these guys in the ground. I know they would all appreciate it too. :)

Hopefully starting tomorrow early again to get stuff started in the homework department... and hopefully I won't need quite such a long nap. Perhaps I could limit it to a 50 minute post-lunch nap? Haha... sound familiar?

I've gotten miserable about keeping up with my Bible reading and study. It's pathetic!!! I don't pick stuff up because I know I should be doing homework, and then I don't want to do homework because I can't focus, so I do something else, and then I end up just not really doing anything... it's bad.

Goals for tomorrow:

  • Bible study and reading
  • turn in all 3 homework assignments (meaning I need to read the rest of chapter 4 in the text and all of the Freud article online)
  • run & workout
  • shower
  • tune violin and guitar, play both
  • plan garden

hopefully I can get at least most of that done.... also, need to figure out where I want to go to church on Sunday

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