Of storms, mooching internet, black gumbo, and Benadryl-comas

Last night I got home super, super late from Nancy’s from doing homework for my class. Got it all turned in on time, but I wish I could have worked on it sooner. But it’s alright.  At least I was able to get it done and turned in.

On my drive back, the sky was clear and the moon was full and out, it was awesome. In the distance, there was a huge storm system coming closer in the distance.  When I got to the house, it was really ominous, but still not over us yet. There was still some stuff left over from the moving on the deck, and I looked at it some more and it was a lot of open boxes with books and other such things that really shouldn’t be getting wet… so I went about to start moving stuff into the house. When I was about half way done it started raining. When I got back inside after getting everything out of the rain and going upstairs (with my handy LED flashlight that I got for xmas a few years back) there was this huge flash, giant thunder crash, and a torrent of rain hit the house. It freaked me out so much. Between the new house, the spiders, the emptiness, the darkness, and then the storm. Yeah. Talk about freaky. And I’m not usually scared of stuff like that.  Then I decided to not be scared of it, so I pulled out my camera and took a few videos of them.

This morning I slept through church, which was a bummer, but it’s ok, I’m sure I needed the sleep, and I was kinda in a Benadryl-coma. But, thankfully, when I did get up, my mosquito bites were dramatically improved. Made my day. Hopefully I’ll get in some Solid Rock podcasts this week in addition to my Bible readings and studies, and maybe even go to a Wednesday night service here in town. They don’t have Sunday evening services because it’s too small and enough people are able to go to the morning services.

Got up, ate some cold pizza, because it was the only edible thing in the fridge. Showered, vacuumed my room, and went to Mondo’s diner with Jan to get lunch… which, we actually got breakfast, but it was still good. Later, I did some more stuff in my room and then went back into town. Got some iced coffee (!!!!!) at McDonald’s (because it’s basically one of the only places in town that has some on the weekend), and parked at the library to see if I could mooch of the free wifi from the lot even though they were closed for the day. It totally worked. I felt fantastic about my idea.

There was an incredible amount of patriotism going on in town and people out on the street seeming to wait for a parade. I was starting to wonder if there was some holiday that I forgot about… no, it was still June, couldn’t be 4th of July just yet. Looked it up online and found that it was this parade thing:
June 27
Sea to Shining Sea Veterans Bike Ride Across America
Sea to Shining Sea Disabled Veterans Bicycle Ride will stop in Shenandoah. They should arrive between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. State Farm is sponsoring the ride. Fareway will help sponsor a cookout at the Shenandoah Inn and Suites parking lot. Public is invited to the cookout meal with a donation. The donation will go to the veterans expenses for the ride.
Corner of Sheridan Ave. and Elm St.
Arrive 4-6pm and cookout follows

Made me really excited for the 4th of July because of how excited every one was for this event.
After doing a little bit of internet surfing, I went back to the Shenandoah house to see how things were going (and mostly to use the bathroom). Mooched off the internet from the neighbors again when Jim asked me to come help move the chicken wire from over the garden and into the u-haul truck. Jim later chastised me for wearing my nice clothes, but I’d told them I wasn’t planning on doing any work today. Just taking it easy for the day and such… kinda frustrating, but anyway, I’m glad I was able to help.

Took some pictures of the dirt when we’d pulled off the chicken wire and the plastic underneath. It was beautiful. So, yes, I might be a nerd, but who cares! It was awesome. The dirt here is so black and high in clay content. It’s absolutely fascinating.

Called Lydia on the phone and we talked for around an hour. I walked back and forth along Airport road with the dogs, which was nice.

Jan made teriyaki steak and chicken tonight. It was more just meat boiled with teriyaki sauce (of sorts), and long grain rice, but it was still good. I miss veggies!!! After dinner, and eating a lot, Jim pulled out popcorn and chips and dip. I just had to leave. Not only was I already very full, I just didn’t want to overstuff myself because I’m just not doing well right now in that regard. I’ve been eating waay too much all the time.

I’m now up in my room, listening to this new album called Long Distance by Onra that Zach sent me today. I’m a definite fan. I think “Mechanical” is my favorite track so far.

Camp started today for real. The kids are all there. They’re probably in one of those group sessions right now. I’m going to guess, because it’s after 10 here, that they’re in their respective dorms, learning the camp song and doing all the camp guideline skits. So fun.

Without realizing it, I wore my old camp staff shirt today. Just pulled it out of my suitcase and threw it on. Apparently I subconsciously knew that it was the shirt to wear today… even if I am super far away.
Mom and Dad called, and I talked to them for a while. It was really good to talk to them.
I might be getting some Bowery family heirloom furniture for my room. I’m really hoping that I will get it tomorrow. I’ve been living mostly on the floor and sleeping on an air mattress since I’ve been here.

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