Of moving, heat indexes, and homework

Lead-Mormon-Guy-helping-with-move: “Yup, that, that right there. That’s a black widow.”
Me: O.O *jaw drop*
Lead-Mormon-Guy-helping-with-move: “Yup, you got black widows here it looks like”

…a little while later in the basement, me, slightly shaken from seeing my first ever black widow live and in the flesh.

Lead-Mormon-Guy-helping-with-move: “Oh! And that! That guy’s a Brown recluse.”
Jim: “Is he alive?”
Lead-Mormon-Guy-helping-with-move: “Yeah.”
Jim: "Is he alive?"
Lead-Mormon-Guy-helping-with-move: "Yeah, he's moving."
Jim: “No, but is it alive?”
Lead-Mormon-Guy-helping-with-move: “Blow on it.”
Jim: “Oh! Yup, well there you go.”
Lead-Mormon-Guy-helping-with-move: "Toldja"

…then a bit later with jan

“isn’t that great. We have the stars here. It’s always fun to add deadly spiders to the mix”
The sarcastic comments she throws out are just fantastic. They always catch me off guard, and I love it.

Yeah. So, I thought I’d be too terrified to sleep, but apparently, after the guys went back to the Shenandoah house  to get more stuff with the moving truck, I went upstairs to my room to listen to some music, chill out, and maybe post on my blog or stalk people on facebook. But alas and alack. No internet. Not even a network that I could potentially mooch off of. Drat. So I closed my computer an just sat there. The next thing I realize is Lexx walking in my room super excited about life and followed shortly by his tag-a-long, Lacy. I fell asleep on the floor.

About five guys from the local mormon place came to help us move. Two were young guys about my again, serving their missions. I didn't feel right calling them "elder" when they were neither my elder, nor did we believe the same things, so I opted for calling them Dude1 and Dude2, or just "hey you" whichever was easier at the time. Nancy and John couldn't be there because they were at this Republican convention up in Des Moines, so being the kind people and generous mormons, they gave us money to get everyone who helped move pizza, so I ordered that and picked up more gatorade for everyone. People were stressed and not thinking clearly, and I knew it was beyond the time when people should have lunch, so I went on ahead and ordered it so that by the time Jim was actually ready for a break, there'd be food for the guys.

Jim was able to pick up a used washer and dryer for the house for around $75 for the set. So far they work really well, and it's great that they don't have to figure that out later.

About an hour or so later, Jim went around the whole house with super intense, but live-with-able insect and spider spray. Getting all the windows and baseboards of all the rooms. He wasn’t super happy with the real estate agent or the house inspector they had come through the house awhile back. They were supposed to check and warn them about such things, but apparently they were overlooked… I mean, you know. No big deal right? I mean well, I don’t know about you , but I’d rather not die of a spider bite while I’m in Iowa. Does that sound like too large of a request to you? Doesn’t to me.

I am now sitting in a white and green wicker chair in my rainbow paint splattered room. My stuff is lying on the floor in the center of the room. Music playing the Almost Alice album.

I finally figured out why there wasn’t a breeze coming in the windows. They’re super old fashioned double paned. You have to raise an inner window as well as the outside window. It was confusing, but I’m glad I finally got a breeze going through the upstairs. Not that it’s not cool enough with the AC on… the AC just isn’t very powerful, and the upstairs kinda smells like a combination of mold, general mustiness, dead bugs, and maybe other unknown scents.

But honestly, even with the windows finally open, it's hotter upstairs than it was before. The weather was suuuper hot today. With temperatures at like, 95, and the humidity at like, 80%, the heat index was out the roof at around 125, but with the breeze that was blowing it only supposedly felt 105. No big. 

It’s actually quite a large house. I’m surprised. I mean, I knew it was going to be 5 bedrooms, but still. It has several other rooms that “aren’t bedrooms” that just make the house bigger than I’d imagined.
Currently, there’s 1 and ¼(?) bath in the house. The one is downstairs in the master suite area, which is going to be “Jan and Jim’s” part of the house, because they’re actually leasing a portion of the house from Jim’s mom, Rose. Anyway, the upstairs has a “half bath” which is actually just a toilet in a closet and-nothing-else. It’s actually rather comical.

I’m trying to figure it out…. How does one deal with paint spatter on really crappy walls? Just start over with new walls? Sand over the paint and put on primer and then color? I don’t even know… thoughts?!?
The upstairs has what looks like industrial ceilings (like at Gloria Dei… I believe its for insulation reasons and also to hide all the pipes and such), and it’s the same with the lights. Makes it kinda feel like a dorm up here. Which, honestly, this house would be an awesome house to share with a bunch of young people because of all the rooms and how big it is. OH MAN!!! Just thinking about it makes me SO excited for this fall when I’ll be living with some fantastic people in our little Corvalils-House (does it have a name yet? Because we should really get on that…).

Good grief, I should really, really get some benadryl, real bug repellant, and anti-itch cream of some sort. I though the stuff I was using was working fine, and it was, until I started getting weird allergic reactions to the bites I’ve been getting. They don’t do normal things. They swell up over a period of a few days into these huge 6-inch welts. It doesn’t itch too much unless it’s super hot outside, thankfully, but at the same time, it’s so swollen and hot that it constricts the normal motion of my muscles and kinda makes walking painful.

....a bit later
Got some Benadryl and am over at Nancy’s, attempting to do my homework. It’s due at midnight, PST tonight. Which equates to 2am here, but hopefully I’ll be done long before then.
Rachel is bouncing about, playing her Zoo Tycoon 2 with arctic tundra, Rose is busy with her Sudoku game, and Robbie is making plans for building a campfire.

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