of breakfast and improvisational pies

This morning I got up somewhat decently early (think it was around 8:30 or something), got ready for the day and walked down to Mondo’s Family Restaurant. I got so ridiculously many weird looks for walking, but it seriously wasn’t very far, and I didn’t care. I felt kinda like an idiot when I got there though because there wasn’t anyone else there and I just stood there, not really knowing what to do with myself. Then this waiter walked up to me and asked if he could help. I just mentioned how I just moved to the area and wanted to check everything out. He said I could sit wherever and he’d be right over with a menu.

When he brought over a menu he asked me if I wanted coffee. Now, usually I say no, but I haven’t had coffee in forever, so I went for it. Heck, why not, right? He brought me a pot of coffee and I ordered. A few minutes later a bunch of retired folks walked in and sat in a booth across from me. Their conversation ranged from their relatives, what their kids are up to, when they went on a morning walk (6am), and when they had breakfast (before that walk), and when that one guy got hit by that gravel truck about eight years back. It was amusing, but I felt kinda awkward for listening in.

After I was almost done with my food, I leaned over towards their table and mentioned how I didn’t want to be rude, but that I was new in town and wondered how they liked the area and what they enjoyed about it all the most. They were all more than happy to talk to me. One even tried to suggest that they should set me up with Brandon, our waiter, lol. One of the ladies mentioned how she felt bad for me because I don’t have any friends in the area and don’t really know anyone my age, saying how it had to be hard and she really hoped that I would be able to connect with some people soon.

I had to head out because I knew Jim wanted me to help him with… something. Can’t remember what, but when I was on my way back home he called me from Walmart, saying another thing had gone wrong with his bike and that the wanted me to come pick on out because I’d likely be riding it more than him anymore anyway. So I crossed Hwy 59 and headed over there, picking out a mountain bike that was about the same price as the one he originally got. I filled the tires with more air when we got back to the house and took it for a test run. It freaked me out at first, but its got pretty good shocks on the front. It’s awesome. So much fun to get air with that bike. The downside is that the bike seat is beyond-this-world uncomfortable.

Then I went over to Nancy’s to pick up my textbooks that had arrived so I could start into my homework, thinking I would just drop by to get them and head out again to work on it. But I ended up staying around helping Rose, Jim’s mom, who was now in town, edit a lease for renting the house to Jim and Jan because it was in PDF form and she didn’t know what to do, or how to work computers as well as I did. I was happy to help her in that way.

Then Rose and Rachel made a Mulberry pie from scratch. Rachel said she wanted to make it and that her mom was going to make it a  few days before, but hadn’t, Rose set right to it. They didn’t have a rolling pin, or a pie pan, so we improvised and used a jam jar to flatten the pie crust, and then baked it in a square pyrex pan, but it was still really good.

Rachel was all too excited to have me there and got me into playing her Zoo Tycoon 2 computer game where you build a zoo and then have to manage the upkeep of the grounds and animals. She said I was horrible, so I went with it (and I kinda was) and let her finish building my zoo for me (it’s saved as Hannah’s Habitats, in case you were wondering).

I finally had to head out, and helped Jan pack up a bit more of the house and packed up my stuff so that it would be more organized and together for the big move. Jim BBQ’d some steak and chicken for us and I created my choice combination of both into a salad. It was good.

Then I rode my bike around town and out and over to the farmhouse. I can’t wait to get out there!! And I cant believe it’s actually happening!!!

I got back to the house, watched Alice in Wonderland, couldn’t stop thinking of Lydia and Kim and Jeni for some reason, missing them all of course, can’t wait to put up my poster now either (!), and bed.

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