There's an interesting balance to the last week of term. Finals and all it's stresses of studying and freaking out and exam taking. The eating, snacking, bumming around and movie watching. The late night adventures with friends from the last year. But here's the thing, you have to study AND pack AND say goodbye to your friends all at the same time. It's a ridiculous amount of stress.

There is also an interesting balance to packing. The ruling out of things unnecessary, excess shirts are a toss, that book? you can get it at the library (are you even going to read it anyway?) and you really don't need that anyway, you never, ever use it, you dork. Things like that. But then, after you get what you decide to take, you have to fit it all in your suitcases. Fit it just right, so things don't leak or wrinkle, or break or bend. Just enough padding on the outside, and just enough so the zippers still close reasonably well. After you get things you want it, you continue to rule out other items, and then realize something else in that far reach of your back closet is something you really should take. Once you have everything you think you'll need in your bags, then comes the real test. Will it weigh the right amount to get through the system without charging you extra?

Well, according to the scale, I'm right at to under weight for my checked bag. Here's to hoping that I won't have to add anything else and the scale is correct.

It's kinda hard to imagine that I'm fitting my life in a few bags for the summer. I mean, were I traveling to Europe I would so and totally take so much less stuff. But alas, I am just going to Iowa. The other nice thing about "just going to Iowa" is that they have wal-marts there. So if I forgot anything or need anything? It's right there, no problem.

The other thing is that: This is it. I'm going to Iowa. It's really happening.

But also, as much as I wish this would be my last packing attempt, it probably won't be. Also because I might need those clothes... depending on what I'm planning on wearing for the next (heh) 5 days.

Also? Here goes to flying with the violin. Yet again.

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