insane rain, slept through church, super disappointed, thinking of going to a wednesday night service at the ShenAG, need to podcast it up, made a calendar, homework reading, maccas for coffee, free wifi outside library, vacuumed, music from zach, dogs out in soy, diner lunch/breakfast w/ jan, want to paint room

have yet to find a guy in town that's not in high school and not married w/ kids, lol.

found more about the Sidney Rodeo. super excited. want to decorate room, need to talk with nancy, jim and rose about heirloom furniture in nancy's garage to use in my room, want to fix walls, floor and paintttttt!!!!!!!

not doing much in the way of work today b/c it's sunday. taking the day easy. still upset i missed church. was up til 3 w/ weather. 2 benadryl, sleep like a lot and well, bug bites amazingly small today PTL!!!

need to do some reading in boy book for class. jan and jim cleaning and getting rid of last bit of crap at shen house.

veteran's day thing in town. had to look it up to see what was the big deal, lol.
car has no parking break. good thing there's no real hills here!

so cool seeing all these guys strutting around in their military shirts and hats. :) reminds me of grampy and my other friends in the service right now (and how they'll be in the future at things like this, haha)

really miss YMA... happen to be wearing my camp shirt, must be ingrained in me to wear my staff shirt on the first day of camp. it was not planned. i just grabbed a shirt from my suitcase.

need to unpack some? unknown b/c of decorating room. should talk with rose about it. also need to do laundry.

thinking about texting amber. we talked a bit the other day. maybe we can hang out soon. who knows.

i need to work on some of the information for the CSA farm or whatever. but i'll do that tomorrow. i don't want to have to worry about it today.

i really wish i had some cow-girl gear for the rodeo and the upcoming fairs. I think it would be so fun. plus, it's not really unfashionable here, haha. lovve it. if only i had my fashionista, Danielle to assist me this time. oh well, maybe i can find something fun at walmart or something... speaking of, i need to give those receipts back to jim so he can reimburse me for the stuff i picked up for him yesterday.

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