of runs at dusk and watermelon

I went on a run tonight. I wasn't planning on actually running, I actually just wanted to see what the temperature was like outside. But I ended up actually going on my run anyway. I didn't think I would want to just run up and back airport road, but I did anyway and enjoyed it much more than I had anticipated. Usually I change and go through a process to get ready for my workouts... changing, slicking my hair back, it could almost be compared to the effort it takes to get ready for a ballet class, only not quite that extreme. But anyway, it was really good. I'm actually quite surprised with myself.

While sitting outside reading my book, I apparently got a sunburn on my legs, which is a bummer, but it's nothing worse than the other kinds of mild burns I've gotten that heal within a day since I've been here.

Afterwards, we all ate watermelon out on the front porch. It was really good melon, and it was really nice to just bum out on the porch in the cool evening air.

We turned off the AC for the night to take advantage of the natural coolness of the evening and opened up the house and turned on some box fans for circulation. I'm sure if we want to keep the house cool we'll have to close it up good and early though.

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  1. super cool, nannerz. :) gotta love that watermelon! i had some for breakfast, and it was splendiforous