first full day... continued

I am not much of a person with an insect phobia, but let me tell you, holy sham-wow, I had two run-ins with the world's most gigantic mosquitos this afternoon. I swear their bodies alone were an inch long and super dark. So terrifying. I'm sure I'll grow used to it, but for now, I'd much rather not be considered a piece of insect meat (thank-you-very-much).

Jan and I took a walk through the town to look at the downtown. It's super cute. I managed to not take pictures (sorry!!), but I will soon. :) The library is super cute, small, and has an awesome amount of movies. I'll be getting a library card for sure. There is this cute little drug store that has a soda fountain counter, and Jan and I got rootbeer floats for $2. Super fun and super cute.

I'm probably going to have to update my resume and take it literally everywhere I can. Jim and I were going to go to this convention for small farms up in Red Oak, but he wasn't able to get us transportation up there (considering, unfortunately, both cars are in the shop right now). Which is a bummer, but it means that I'll be able to go around Shenandoah some more tomorrow to check out the town and take pictures, and look into getting work. Hopefully maybe even go into a few churches to see what's around. :)

Pretty much all of my connections in town are with Jan and Jim, but I really want to get involved in the town and meet people. Nancy and her family are super nice, but they are Mormon, and I'm not a mormon, so that means I'll really have to find a church on my own, instead of just tagging along with some relatives here, but that's ok.

I'm thinking about taking a nap. Super tired, and my back still hurts, from what, I am assuming is yesterday and all the lugging around of my violin and duffle bag, not to mention all the uncomfortable weird sitting and sleeping on the plane.

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  1. yay a shenandoah blog!!! girl, this is such an adventure for you. :) i like it! also, i see you are increasing your musical tastes ---> holy cow, country?! really?! haha it's ok.... i forgive you. :)
    i miss you, girl!