Friday morning

Last night I got a text from Kenzie. It was super encouraging. As much as I've texted or called a few people, it's still not enough. I might not have a whole lot to say, but I get pretty sad knowing that just a week ago I had 50 other girls around me at all times. Now I'm often alone in what I do. Jim is usually busy with his computer business or organizing more things for the move, and Jan is here and about, usually absorbed in a book on goats or watching the latest episode of her favorite show. Not bad things, of course, but even yesterday just biking around down was fun, but slightly discouraging because I was all by myself for over four hours. What I wouldn't do to have someone to bum around town with who was at least somewhere around my age and wouldn't mind doing weird, stupid, and silly things.

Anyway, this text from Kenzie was about how she was praying for me. It was really encouraging, and it made me realize that all the preparation I had gone through for the trip, I'd pretty much forgotten about when I got here. I just focused on not overstepping and being weird when I got here. You know, all the pleases and thankyous in their right place as I really am a guest of Jan and Jim.

But after I got the text from Kenzie I remembered that I had brought my Bible and some study books to go through. This one in particular, I've always found it (weird as it sounds) to fit perfectly with my life, no matter what I'm doing. It always matches up exactly. It's so weird. But super awesome. I pulled it out my suitcase. The next one was about accepting God's call in our life. Wow, talk about true. It was super encouraging, and made me rethink how I am going about this adventure in Iowa, and how I should go about things from here on out. God is amazing. It's seriously incredible. I love it.

I'm super excited to go to church on Sunday. Hopefully everything will go well. :) Sunday can't come soon enough!!!

This morning when I opened my computer, I got an email from Cory. The title of the email? "An awesome, inappropriately over-the-top gift!!!" the message itself was quite hilarious, and the gift was music. Need I say more? Yeah, probably. I love music. It's one of my favorite things ever. 'Soundtrack of my life' is not even a question, it's a definite given. Yes, I will say that it's some more country, but I'm not opposed to it. I've always said that I'm not against it, but more that I'm not super into it. In the last year I've gotten more okay with it, which is interesting. Some of you might be screaming "noooOOOOoooooo" right now, but you can just get over it. Others of you might be shouting cheers of joy (haha, Danielle ;) ). I'm actually really excited to get all this music, and I will admit that I had been contemplating getting some of my own volition. But it's even more special to have received it from a good friend. I'm in the process of downloading all the files as I type this. It will soon join my iTunes collection, and after that, my black-hole ipod so that I can play it on my bomb-dig sony speakers.

Ha, just saying that makes me realize how much my friends and family have realized I love music. For graduation, what did I get? A 120GB iPod, a really awesome Sony speaker system just for my ipod, and now, more music!!! What else could a music addict ask for?

I was going to go around town this morning to go downtown to check out some of the shops and maybe get more applications because mornings are usually the best time for that kind of thing. My alarm went off this morning and I rolled over thinking "you have got to be kidding me" and decided at that moment that I could continue fighting with my alarm for the next 4 hours, or just let myself sleep. I opted for the latter. Getting up knowing I missed out on that was a bummer, but it's still not too late, and there's always tomorrow, so I'm not super worried about it. I still need to take back my applications to the other places I got some from yesterday.

I'm going to try to take some pics of the downtown area for you guys. It's super cute!! Also coming will be pictures of the pets. Madeline has really warmed up to me. I love her, she's adorable. Dusty still isn't too sure of me and likes to keep his (her?) ...it's distance (haha). Lexx knows who I am, sometimes when I first wake up, or walk in the front door after being gone for awhile he'll give me a warning bark until I talk to him, and he remembers who I am. Lacy, not so much. She's still unsure who I am most of the time, unless we're out for a run, or lounging on the couch for a long time. She consistently forgets who I am, but it's ok. I'm intruding on her little puppy-territory, and I'm completely new blood to her, so it's only natural that she'd think it weird that I'm not only still here, but around at all.

In the next day or so, I think Jan might be taking me out and around in the Saturn. Why? It's a manual. Ever since Scooter took me out in his little Toyota behind the LDS church, I loved it, but never got the chance to learn again. Well, now I have to learn because the Saturn is the car that I will be driving. I'm actually kinda excited about it, but a little nervous at the same time. Thankfully there aren't many stop signs and all the roads are straight and there really aren't any hills in town.

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