completely guiltless sundaes?

After dinner, we had ice cream sundaes. Well, guilt free ice cream (sweetened w/splenda), plus schnapps... does that mean it's beyond guilt-free because you even forget about any potential guilt you may have potentially had in the first place even though it's already free of guilt? I'm not even sure.

Regardless, it doesn't pertain to me anyway. I had toast and plain ice cream.

We watched more of Kings and the pilot episode of this new show called Rubicon. Looks cool.

Ulgh, I had a weird amount of spare energy. I was going to go on a walk tonight with Jan, but when that finally came around, they were in the middle of an episode of Rubicon, aand it was after 11pm. So, it was a no on the walk, but I just needed to burn off some energy, in some way or another, it was late, and I could have gone to bed, but I just kinda really wanted to see if I could go on a run.

So I went. I kinda looked up a generic distance of about 2 miles in a circuit around town. Well, I ended up going past the road I was supposed to turn on without realizing it, and what I thought was me just running like 2 miles, was actually me running more like 3 miles. Which, honestly? Is awesome! I can't believe it. I mean, I was tired, but not really. I felt like I could have gone farther, had I planned it out differently. But man, I was really sweaty. I mean, now, the weather is 74 degrees with 84% humidity, and it's been about an hour since I got back. I think I was hitting on 14-15 minute miles, which isn't great, but isn't bad, especially since I haven't done much running in over a week. I really wasn't concerned about speed, and I wasn't worried about completing it all. But in a way, I guess I kinda felt like an idiot for taking off on a run at 11 at night. And I wanted to keep going. It felt really good to run. I haven't run outside, or at night, or without music in like... forever. Shenandoah is a really sleepy town, it's weird. There was virtually no one around, and none of the areas where I was seemed creepy at all. Everything was pretty much the same in regards to nice houses in the neighborhoods. But I wanted to keep going even if there was a potential of it being weird. I guess no one runs in this town, because the people that I did pass looked at me really weird, lol.

I guess I should say that there was the fear of lightening from the thunderhead just to the south of us was slightly intimidating. I'll admit that it's still scaring me because I'm entirely unaccustomed to it anymore. I've been in Oregon too long since Mississippi to not really be concerned about that kind of thing. I mean, I like it, don't get me wrong, I actually love watching it, but there's this certain fear about that I have. Where I think if I just don't look at it, it's not happening. But running through it. That was awesome. Yes, I wasn't actually in it. I was probably about 60-100 miles away from it, but it was lighting up the entire sky in sudden flashes of brilliance.

It was like facing my fear head-on,
in the dark,

Just me and God.

It was fantastic.

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