good gravy, we've cleaned the kitchen!!!

Success!!! Kitchen is CLEAN.

Pretty much all I did today was clean the kitchen. I shifted around boxes and the like, and proceeded to scrub down just about everything (minus the fridge and microwave... I'm sure we'll get to those soon enough). The side counter, walls, ceiling, main counters, toaster oven, range, sink, other counter, cupboards, even did a Cinderella job on the floor before replacing everything back in somewhat of an orderly fashion similar to the way it was before the cleaning.

Kitchen before

Kitchen after

sink before

sink after

I'd say it's much improved :)

I took a break around 6:30pm when we went down to The Sanctuary, which is an old church-esque building once used as a "Christian Scientist" reading room. Now it's a restaurant with european-style(ish) sandwiches. It's a much better use for the building now, if I must say. :P Plus, the food was amazing. They also have coffee there and free wifi, so I might be hitting them up when I'm working on stuff for my summer classes. I got the Italian Panini, which was mozerella cheese, tomatoes, onions and pesto on focaccia bread. Super good!!!

Then I resumed cleaning, but soon stopped as we went over to the south of town to the high school parking lot to look at a huge thunderhead cloud at sunset. It was awesome. Literally. So cool. Huge and ominous. No thunder yet, but it was still cool. Apparently Jim says there's some lightning coming out of it now.

Done cleaning for the day. I'll probably hit up the bathroom majorly tomorrow. Jan touched on it, but I told her she really didn't have to worry about cleaning anything if she didn't want to.

I'm glad I can help them by cleaning their house for them - especially before we have to worry about the move. It'd be a royal pain to have to move and clean all at the same time. Plus, when that time comes, we'll want to be concerned about the farmhouse, instead of this place. Yeah, we'll have to clean some more between now an then, but not much now! :)

Failed at taking pictures of the critters and the town again today, perhaps tomorrow when I take a break from cleaning and maybe get out in the Saturn and turn in some job applications.

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