So I managed to stay up ridiculously late again last night. But I made myself get up around 10 anyway. I really need to adjust to this time zone.

Last night we watched Glee, Chuck, Kings, another show, I believe, and a movie. Yay for Hulu and Netflix instant play. Today was kinda the same. We watched Bedtime Stories and they watched the 2nd episode of Kings again (because Jim missed out and wants to watch the rest of the series).

After I got up I showered and all that boring stuff, and then decided to go out on my bike today to check out the town. I went over to the CMA church, that I'm thinking about going to on Sunday. Then I proceeded to go all over town. Found a few parks and took a break or two in the grass. Potential reading areas under trees? I think so.

I biked down to the downtown area and skirted around the town, finding Broad street, which is where they workforce Iowa location is. I went inside, but there really wasn't much there that wasn't already posted online. But it was air conditioned and I was sweating buckets from the sun and the humidity (thank God it was windy, but that's an understatement, Iv'e never had more difficulty maintaining balance on my bike because of wind before). So I stayed and poked around online looking at local job openings.

Then I biked out to hwy 48 and found the Wabash Trace trail, which was next to yet another park, biked on that a bit, but then went back towards town. Found the pool, biked a bit more, and then into town via hwy 59. From there I found the Walmart, the veterinary clinic, and some other businesses. Got some applications that I brought back with me and filled out later.

Then I biked out to the farmhouse and back before going back to their house here in town. I only meant to be gone for like an hour to just poke around town a bit, but ended up being gone for 4 hours. Got a little bit sunburnt, but nothing bad by any means, which is good.

So far the mosquito bite count is only at 5 I believe, which is weird. I feel like it should be worse, but I'm thankful all the same.

Dinner was shrimp tonight. Quite an experience considering I really don't have a history with seafood, but it was really, really good. I actually found myself wanting more later. Then we had popcorn later. Jan said they really know how to make their popcorn out here. and well, I guess it makes sense. We are in the corn belt after all, haha.

Tonight Jan and I walked all the way around town after the sun went down so that it would be cooler, and we walked down Church street. Which, I dare say, is named because there are just about all the churches located on that street. Part of the way down Church street there was this huge thunderstorm coming our way. But it ended up skirting over the side of town. Bummer. It would be awesome if we got a serious rain storm. But it was still fantastic watching the lightening fly past the sky, lighting up other cloud formations.

I uploaded more pictures to the facebook album and the flicker photostream (which is also viewable to the side on the blog).

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  1. Girl, it sounds like you are having a great time! Thanks for sharing.....by the way, I am pretty sure Church street is probably the coolest street ever, I mean to have so many bodies and families of Christ all on one street.....plus its my last name so definitely makes it cooler!! praying for you! have fun!!