welcome packet

So I got my welcome packet. I won't lie. I looked for it several times a day. I'm excited, ok?

There's really, actually, not all that much to say about Shenandoah. But also? I'm getting the feeling they call it "Shen" which is adorable, but at the same time I'm afraid to call it that because who knows what the locals call it, lol.

Part of me wonders if this whole experience will be anything like Drew from Elizabethtown. Everyone knows who I am. Or will it be like no one cares and I'm just some random freak from out of town? No idea.

5,000 people and a 24 hour Wal-Mart. I know where I'll be hanging out, haha.

The Official Visitor's Guide to Shenandoah Iowa offers a whole directory to businesses in the area. So excited. Hopefully I'll actually call some of them Thursday. I would say today, but the key personnel are usually in during the morning hours, and it's nearing closing as it's what, 4pm there by now?

I also still need to talk with someone about which church I should be pursuing.

I am  so excited!!!

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