so many uncertainties

At the same time that I'm really excited and looking forward to this whole "Iowa thing" I'm terrified of it.

What is it going to be like? Will I like it? Will I be happy? Will I meet people? Will I like being around new people? Will I like being in a new place? Will I feel trapped? Will I actually get anything accomplished? Will I feel like I am taking too much? Too little? Will I actually get a job? Will I hate the weather? Will I fall in love? Will I love the weather? Will I not want to leave? Will I want to stay for the rest of my life? Will I get to travel? Will I want to? Will I be alone? Will I feel awkward? Will I be afraid? Will I find a church there? Will I get along with my distantly-related family? Will I keep the peace among my relatives? Will I have time for fun reading? Will I be able to stay in contact with friends from Oregon? Will I be able to meet up with any of my friends from Belhaven? Will I stay at home all day during my free time, or will I go out?

I guess really the only thing I can do is trust God completely and know that He already has it completely planned out perfectly. All I can do is pray and trust Him.

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