slight change

So the move-in date has been set back some-what. This means I'll either be bumming it out on a couch, the floor or an air mattress for a few days (week, perhaps, more? who knows), or at another relative's house until the official move can take place. I'm actually ok with this. Maybe it's because I'm willing to be flexible about it all, perhaps it's because I really don't have another choice about it, I'm not entirely sure.

Regardless, it means I get to help my relatives and bless them with my God-given strength and can actually and completely be there to help them move their belongings from one house to their new home.

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  1. sorry about the added uncertainty and couch-sleeping ... but you'll be great :) maybe it will ultimately help with the transition process to have a little while just hanging out -- and i'm sure jan and jim will be thrilled you'll be able to help them move now