I'm switching between ultimate stress, fear, and excitement about the whole thing. I can't really do much about much right now in regards to the whole thing. I have a lovely pile of homework to accomplish tonight. Mostly referring to this stupid paper I have to write and an exam that is at 8am tomorrow (did he really post the 2010 key and think he posted the 2009 key??! hmm...).

I'm hoping to try to call some businesses in town tomorrow if time allows. *keeps fingers crossed* hope I'll remember to do so BEFORE 3pm, otherwise the best time to do so might be Tuesday morning. Ridiculous time difference, lol. Also praying hard that I can actually get a good job: one in agriculture, perhaps or even in a cafe or coffee shop (is there really only one?!).

I'm so stoked to paint and decorate my room! I'm not positive my budget, and I'm ok with only working with a little. But still... should I go modern? insane? country? other...?

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