Things to take...

Considering I will be now taking a checked bag, I can take stuff... But the other question is: should I take my backpack as a carryon, or my duffle bag? Should I still take my backpack (stuffed in my checked bag)? Is my duffle bag w/in carry-on requirements (mostly).

hmm.... things to consider.

Need to take my music stand if I'm taking my violin.

It's most unfortunate that I'll have to spend my whole summer with out Konrad and Tecumseh. But they should be fine in the loving care of Kim. :)

Alarm clock.

Computer. <-- I'm seriously considering getting a sleeve for it so that it would be more protected on the trip (I really should have one regardless).
Hmm... on that note, I'd probably like to take it in my backpack, otherwise I'd probably have to stow both my bags (if I were to take my duffle) above in the carry-on compartment because I kinda doubt that my duffle would fit under my seat, and my violin is a weird size as it is.

Fun reading books.

I'll have to potentially let Kim babysit my plant too.

This sounds ridiculous, but my textbook for my ANS 452 class. It's very useful, and I might want it.

Internship paperwork, envelopes and stamps.

Speakers.... <-- I wish. 

Clothes, obviously.

Umbrella? Travel Mug? Water bottle? Sunglasses? Hangers?

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