I'm GOING!!!!

I'm SO excited! I just got my plane tickets!!! This time, one hour ago, I was super nervous about it all, two weeks ago, today, I had no idea what I was going to do this summer and I was totally freaking out about not being able to get a job.

I got my tickets today though!!! I can't believe it!!!

I'm only mostly freaking out here!!!

I should go work out... but at the same time, I'm super stoked about this whole thing.

So, why, you may ask, did I create a new blog about this? Mostly because I'll be there all summer, and the rest of the world doesn't need to know the ridiculous details about the rest of my life, sooo thus the creation of this blog.

It's rather unfortunate that I still have this mound of homework to accomplish. I should really go to that prof's office hours to talk about the stuff I'm incredibly confused on. *sigh* frustrating.

I still need to decide if I should take a checked suitcase with me. I'm thinking about doing a "dry run" for packing to make sure I'm taking everything I need and not taking anything I for sure won't use (I hate it when I over-pack).

I'm going to try to remember to talk to someone from Real Life or at Calvary directly about finding a church in Shenandoah. I mean, seriously, I am going to be there for 10 weeks, I might as well find a church to go to. ;)

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