I updated my blog template, as you can probably see. Also put up some skype buttons so you can get it and call me from my blog (oh the cleverness of me).

I've been thinking more and more about what I need to take. I'll be there for 10 weeks - 10 WEEKS!!! that's my entire summer. It's the same amount of time as a normal term here at OSU. Ridiculous. But I'm still excited. Still nervous about the whole thing at the same time though...

Will probably include in my packing:
collage and decorations for my walls
running shoes?
fun books
ANS 452 text (potentially for planning needs for the internship side)

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  1. sweet, dude. i like the new layout :) and the skype buttons are seriously clever. i imagine you'll definitely want some sort of tennis shoes. also, all these text books sound really heavy. you could totally mail them media mail (i.e. cheap!) early and they'd be waiting for you in shenandoah.