of mornings...

Argued madly with alarm clock that mercilessly kept going off every 2 minutes for 40 minutes. Yes, I did it to myself. Yes, it’s dumb. But I need to be getting up earlier. And it’s the only way I can get myself to do it because I’m the only one in my room – I mean, I can’t really ask anyone else here to wake me up at 6. I could have a friend call me, I suppose that might work, yeah, but at the same time, all my friends back home are still in bed at that hour (unless they are still up… lol) and I don’t know many people out here who are up that early.

Got up, and decided to try to find something to eat downstairs. I really wanted coffee, but I didn’t want to… drink whatever that concoction is that is in that pickle jar… then, I found it. The money item. Blueberry muffin/pancake mix. Brilliance in a box, right? Wrong. Yes, we might have had all the two ingredients needed for this stroke of genius, however, we lacked a few items. Namely: a pan to make them in, a spatula to flip them with, and syrup. How ridiculously lame to an amazing discovery is that? So I just drove down to the MD Lounge and got myself some coffee when I failed to even find some tea that wasn’t a weird flavor (like white chocolate – white chocolate TEA? Seriously? So weird and so not feeling it… I really wanted some Awake or Earl Grey… depressing).

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...i am still 14 posts behind. but no worries. i really want to get them up, so hopefully that will happen in the next few days (homework, and some other stuff, but gotta get this stuff in because I'm not going to get it in when i'm back in Oregon and it's going to be too hard for me then b/c i'll just miss this all in general. might as well just bite the bullet and get it out now, lol)

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